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We Know FIR, Anions, and Silicon. And We Know Them the Best.


We Know FIR, Anions, and Silicon. And We Know Them the Best.


We Know FIR, Anions, and Silicon. And We Know Them the Best.


We are proud of our research and development on mixing far infrared radiations (FIR) & anions technology with natural grade silicone, and make our products can emit the “emissivity” without electricity like the other FIR products you find on the market.

But what exactly is far infrared radiations?
Infrared is typically separated into different sections according to its wavelengths. Those sections include near infrared, short-wave infrared, mid-wave infrared, long-wave infrared, and far infrared.

Far-infrared radiation (FIR) is found on the wavelength spectrum at 15–1000 µm with a frequency range of 0.3–20 THz, and photon energy range of 1.2–83 meV. Far infrared is not visible to the eye, but you feel it as heat penetrating into your skin. You may be familiar with the infrared heat lamps sometimes used in bathrooms. Far infrared produces heat in a similar fashion, but is much more efficient because it penetrates even deeper into the skin.

How about emissivity then? The term “emissive” refers to the ability of a material to absorb and release energy in the form of infrared heat.
Without heater emissivity your body will not receive the same quantity or quality of infrared. Thus, you are unlikely to achieve the wellness outcomes that you desire.
According to numerous scientific studies, the beneficial effects of far infrared radiations & anions technology including:
    1. Stimulate the production of collagen
    2. Enhance blood circulation
    3. Detoxify your skin & body
    4. Help eliminate toxic metals
    5. Reduce pain & stiffness
    6. Promote a healthy mood


Since our products are all made from natural silicone, we have a strict regulation to ensure the safety of our raw materials and the follow-up packaging process. Based on our quality-/safety-first policy, our factories all equipped with certificate EU10/2011, LFGB Food Grade Test certificate from TÜV Rheinland, and achieved ISO9001 certificate (Quality Management).

**The (EU) no 10/2011 is a specific measure for plastic food contact materials as mentioned in the European Framework Regulation EU 1935/2004.

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We have been dedicated ourselves to promoting the beneficail effects of FIR & Anions for years. We love what we do. Everyone is welcomed to come talk to us and share how you think.


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